Market-leading uptime, stable operation and world-class support are the DNA of SMS2GO.

SMS2GO is for developers and system vendors who operate business critical systems.

SMS2GO is not only SMS, but also your access to two-way communication on
Digital Post, NemSMS, Facebook Messenger, Microsoft Teams, PUSH notifications, emails, bots and VOIP.

Our products

We have a wide range of products in our SMS2GO solution.

It's all in one place

SMS2GO is not just SMS, it is a multi (OMNI) channel gateway.
We work in our products across channels and unite your communication in one solution!


Send and receive messages globally with our API.
Since 2004, we have been a strong, loyal and reliable supplier to many large Danish companies and public institutions.

  • Reach approximately 84% of the world's population.
  • Intelligent routing (we find the best traffic route at the time of transmission)
  • 2-way SMS in large parts of the world
  • Get your own numbers via short codes
  • Easy switching from modem pools
  • Send via REST, HTTPS or email
  • Send individually or in BULK
  • Merge Data


Send messages to a list of recipients at once.

It can be useful when you need to communicate with employees, customers, subscribers, citizens, members or other recipients you have gathered on a list.

  • Import lists
  • Create custom fields
  • Use SMS, NemSMS or e-mail
  • Get your own sender number or name.
  • User registration
  • Ongoing acceptance of consent
  • Deferred broadcasting
  • Filter on your list


Send SMS messages directly from Outlook using Outlook2SMS add-in tools. You can thus communicate easily via SMS through a platform you already use.

  • Write to contacts
  • Impotter lists
  • Deferred broadcasting
  • Create templates
  • Get your own sender number or name
  • Possibility of 2-way communication
  • Statistics


Send email and have it converted to SMS to the recipient. A simple way to send SMS from email and receive replies back on the same channel. Employees can stay in an application they already use today.

  • Remove automatic e-mail signature
  • Send to one or more
  • Whitelisting of individual email addresses or domains
  • Own sender name
  • Possibility of 2-way communication
  • Usage report by e-mail address



Here are four good reasons to choose SMS2GO as your communication tool of choice!

Hosted in Denmark

The entire SMS2GO system and all data is hosted in Denmark in a highly certified data centre.

Operated and trusted since 2005

SMS2GO was developed in 2005 and has been in stable operation with many customers ever since.

Excellent support

High level support, where you always get through to a competent employee

GDPR secure code

Our entire setup and system is programmed with GDPR in mind. Hosted in Denmark