SMS2GO allows you to send your messages through several different channels. This way, the broadcast is adapted to the way you want to communicate with the recipient.

SMS2GO uses channels such as SMS, email, NemSMS and Bots.

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95% of those who receive a text message have opened it within 90 seconds.


Send emails through our server, which we always keep up-to-date and secure.


As many are registered:
76% ~ 35 and 74 years
71% ~ 18 and 84 years
As of 31-12-2021


Let a bot answer your incoming SMS. You set up the replies yourself.

Preferred by our customers


SMS messages are mainly used by companies that want to reach all recipients securely, either for customer information, reminders or mobile marketing. With SMS2GO, you get access to a wide range of features that can improve the workflow or marketing of your business. You can send SMS from your computer either through our online interface or by using your own mail client.

SMS is the preferred channel for sending among our customers in SMS2GO. An SMS reaches the recipient quickly and is read quickly. It can therefore be ideal in many contexts.

In Denmark, we work with all telecom providers to offer the highest quality to our customers.

We always have an overcapacity of more than 10 SMS per second. This ensures that we can reach everyone during peak periods and exceptional events.

We have extensive experience with international traffic, and successfully sent SMS traffic to 150 countries in 2021. There is also in the vast majority of countries mulight to get a setup that can handle 2-way communication.

Easy and safe


By using email as a broadcast channel, you can easily reach the recipient on a platform where they are usually available in their daily lives.

Our email server is reliable and always with latest security updates.

We make sure that your communication goes through smoothly to the recipient.

Over 60 million. NemSMS from SMS2GO in 2021


NemSMS can help citizens and businesses remember deadlines, meetings and important appointments, or inform about changes in their local area such as temporary power cuts.

NemSMS is a common-public solution that can save authorities' resources, as the solution allows for:

  • Send sms message (NemSMs) to all citizens and businesses who have registered mobile phone numbers and consented to receive NemSMs from the public.
  • Access a national mobile register that is continuously extended for the benefit of all authorities.

Sending NemSMS is becoming more and more widespread. There are well over 3 million Danes registered for NemSMS, making it possible to reach the majority of the adult population in Denmark via NemSMS. 

Here are some of the options you have with NemSMS in SMS2GO:

  • Connect existing systems to NemSMS easily and quickly
  • We keep track of certificate expiration etc. for the authority
  • Citizens can respond to NemSMS message
  • Enroll citizens directly from Microsoft Outlook
  • Send NemSMS reminder from Microsoft Outlook calendar
  • Switch between NemSMS and general SMS
  • Use NemSMS register and send as a regular SMS that can:
    • time-limited
    • be 2-way
    • be deliverable in notifications / statistics from CIM Mobility


We have helped implement SMS2GO NemSMS in many municipalities and regions and have extensive experience in making systems work together. We have simply made it simple for developers to connect both small and large systems.

Response from SMS bot


Let your users talk to a bot via SMS.

  • Save time in customer service and let an SMS bot answer the simplest questions.
  • Use SMS2GO to subsequently evaluate your customer service by letting users send a rating over SMS.

We also have the ability to integrate your system with other messaging services — such as Facebook Messenger, Whats App, and Microsoft Teams.

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