The public sector

SMS2GO has been used for more than 15 years for communication in the public sector, both by municipalities, regions and the state.

Our broad experience means that we have a large catalogue of examples of what you can use SMS2GO for. SMS2GO can be used for communication with colleagues, citizens, users in areas such as IT operations, 2 factor codes, appointment reminders, alerts, etc.

We have many satisfied customers in the public sector and would be happy to put you in touch with an institution similar to yours who can share their experience of using SMS2GO with you.

We work well with other public sector suppliers and integrate with many of the IT systems used.

The SMS2GO system and all associated data is hosted 100% in Denmark, and data is treated with security as a high priority.


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Read more about the solutions we can offer to municipalities in our e-book 'Kommunernes Leverandør', where we explain in more detail the possibilities that unfold with SMS2GO.

One solution - many possibilities

What customers use SMS2GO for

Over the years, municipalities, regions and the state have used SMS2GO for a wide range of solutions.
Get inspired on how to use SMS2GO!

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Here are four good reasons to choose SMS2GO as your communication tool of choice!

Hosted in Denmark

The entire SMS2GO system and all data is hosted in Denmark in a highly certified data centre.

Operated and trusted since 2004

SMS2GO was developed in 2004 and has been in stable operation with many customers ever since.

Excellent support

High level support, where you always get through to a competent employee

GDPR secure code

Our entire setup and system is programmed with GDPR and security in mind.

100% Danish

Danish hosting

The SMS2GO system, including all data, is hosted by a Danish provider and data processing takes place exclusively in Denmark. We therefore have no transfer of personal data to third countries.

Our hosting centre is ISO27001 certified and receives an annual audit statement (ISAE 3402). The audit statement will be sent to our customers during the annual inspection.

If you have any questions about our work with GDPR, please feel free to contact us at, where our experts are ready to help you.

Over 60 million. NemSMS from SMS2GO in 2021


At SMS2GO, we are experts in sending NemSMS, and in 2021 we sent over 60 million. NemSMS from our system.

NemSMS can help citizens and businesses remember deadlines, meetings and important appointments, or inform about changes in their local area such as temporary power cuts.

NemSMS is a common-public solution that can save authorities' resources, as the solution allows for:

  • Send sms message (NemSMs) to all citizens and businesses who have registered mobile phone numbers and consented to receive NemSMs from the public.
  • Access a national mobile register that is continuously extended for the benefit of all authorities.

Sending NemSMS is becoming more and more widespread. There are well over 3 million Danes registered for NemSMS, making it possible to reach the majority of the adult population in Denmark via NemSMS. 

Here are some of the options you have with NemSMS in SMS2GO:

  • Connect existing systems to NemSMS easily and quickly
  • We keep track of certificate expiration etc. for the authority
  • Citizens can respond to NemSMS message
  • Enroll citizens directly from Microsoft Outlook
  • Send NemSMS reminder from Microsoft Outlook calendar
  • Switch between NemSMS and general SMS
  • Use NemSMS register and send as a regular SMS that can:
    • time-limited
    • be 2-way
    • be deliverable in notifications / statistics from CIM Mobility


We have helped implement SMS2GO NemSMS in many municipalities and regions and have extensive experience in making systems work together. We have simply made it simple for developers to connect both small and large systems.

Data from the service platform

Search on map

In SMS2GO, you can search for data on recipients by drawing a polygon on a map, thus geographically selecting a number of recipients. The data you retrieve comes from the data distributor and can be combined with data from the service platform to send e.g. NemSMS to citizens in the selected area.

Data on recipients can be filtered, e.g. by age, gender, etc.

One solution - many possibilities


SMS2GO integrates with a wide range of businesses and IT systems.

Contact our sales department to learn more about how you can use SMS2GO in conjunction with your current suppliers and IT systems.