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At SMS2GO, we offer a free trial so you can see if our SMS gateway meets your requirements. Whether you use us as a business, organisation or individual.

As a trader, you may have considered using SMS as a form of communication, either for service messages, shorter informational messages, as part of your business marketing or marketing products or services. In that case, you are probably looking for a cheap SMS gateway that meets the requirements you may have.

With SMS2GO, you get a cheap SMS gateway to your customer contact, marketing, or both.

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How do I get started with my free trial?

You are always welcome to fill out the form on this page and set up your free trial right away. Of course, you can also give us a call or send us an email to find out how we can create the best solution for you.

Not sure what a cheap SMS gateway can contribute to your business? So read on on this page.

Many options

What can an SMS gateway be used for?

SMS is increasingly being used for customer contact in companies in Denmark and all over the world for that matter. SMS speaks directly to your customers in a modern, direct and easily legible way. TEXT messages often have a greater impact than emails, traditional mail and inquiries by phone. Emails all too often end up in the spam filter of customers, and many are reluctant to respond to calls from numbers they don't know. However, in the case of TEXT messages, there are far fewer obstacles.

Our SMS gateway offers two-way communication with your customers.

In this simple way, you can now effectively start communicating directly via SMS with your customers.

In connection with your use of our services, we are always ready to offer advice to maximize the potential you have using this new platform. For example, it may be in connection with providing good customer service to your customers. Your customers will then respond to your text messages, after which you or your employees can continue the conversation through our software or through software you already know using our API.

The SMS module integrates seamlessly with your existing IT systems, which means that you can reduce the load on the customer service center by simply directing customers – waiting for the line – to the SMS service.

Alternatively, you can customize your text messages and send them to customers who have disconnected the call while they wait to reach an employee.

In this way, SMS can be used as a form of response to customers who do not get through with an ordinary call.

With our services, we can also offer bulk SMS marketing so that your customers can respond directly to the text messages you send them. We also support multimedia messages and images, so the possibilities are many.

Good benefits

Benefits of cheap SMS gateway

SMS2GO is a low-cost SMS gateway that provides all the features for modern customer referral – and more. With SMS2GO, you can, among other things:

  • Send text messages by e-mail
  • Name merge text messages with your name book
  • Implement features in your own IT systems
  • Create SMS templates
  • Time your broadcasts in advance
  • Send group SMS to multiple people at a time
  • And much more

Text messages have been around since 1992. That's when the first message was sent. That has hardly changed since then. The way we use it is basically still the same. And yet it is still more popular than ever, especially for business!

There are many ways you can leverage sms media as a powerful tool for your business along with the many benefits it provides.

Send from computer

How does an SMS gateway work

An SMS Gateway allows a computer to send and receive text messages to and from an SMS-compliant device over the cellular network (usually to a mobile phone). An SMS gateway translates the message sent and makes it up to a text message that can be delivered over the cellular network.

At one point, SMS gateways were a piece of physical hardware with SIM cards and built-in antennas. Each SMS gateway was individually connected to the cellular network to send text messages almost like a normal cell phone.

Today it works differently. Here, a modern SMS gateway directs the SMS messages to the mobile networks via an SMPP interface provided by the network. Either directly or through an aggregator that sends messages to multiple networks.

SMPP, is a protocol for exchanging text messages between Short Message Service Centers (SMSCs) and/or external SMS devices (ESEsME).

Communication from a company

Who typically uses an SMS gateway?

SMS is increasingly used as a form of communication between companies and their customers or employees. SMS reminders have become a natural way to remind customers of agreements made in the service trades, for example for hairdressing times, medical consultation or other appointments, or for information about repairs carried out, packages for collection and the like.

We also offer solutions to public authorities that need to send out information to citizens.

In connection with the corona pandemic, for example, we have handled the health authorities' communication with citizens about test responses and several other things.

We have also helped implement the nemsms public system in many municipalities and regions.