In SMS2GO, security is paramount.

From the development of software to the sending of a message, we make sure that security is top-notch by using elaborate principles for secure programming, continuous work with GDPR and a Danish data centre with high security.


Our development department works on the principles of Security by Design when creating SMS2GO.

The company

Through a data processing agreement, your company is assured that all data in SMS2GO is processed securely.


When you work in SMS2GO as a sender, your data and actions are secured via backup and logging.


The recipient of a message from SMS2GO is assured that we protect the data we have about the person.

Always compliant


Since the introduction of GDPR, we have been working to optimise data security in SMS2GO. We comply with all GDPR requirements and have an elaborate data processor agreement that comes with SMS2GO.

As a company, you can be sure that SMS2GO complies with all data security requirements, so the personal data you store in SMS2GO is in safe hands.

Our ongoing work with GDPR is guided by a GDPR tool that, via an annual wheel, takes us through audits, revisions and checks on time. This way we are always 100% GDPR compliant.

Safety is a priority


In the development of SMS2GO, we have a strong focus on maintaining a high level of security.

Our developers follow the principles of Privacy by Design, also known as Privacy by Design. In this way, we implement appropriate technical and organisational measures to comply with basic data protection principles.

Likewise, our development department focuses on Security by Design to be constantly at the forefront of protecting data in the SMS2GO web application from external security risks.

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100% Danish

Danish hosting

The SMS2GO system, including all data, is hosted by a Danish provider and data processing takes place exclusively in Denmark. We therefore have no transfer of personal data to third countries.

Our hosting centre is ISO27001 certified and receives an annual audit statement (ISAE 3402). The audit statement will be sent to our customers during the annual inspection.

The connection to/from the data centre is secured by a firewall and is only called via an encrypted secure connection.

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