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Send and receive messages globally with our API.

Since 2004, we have been a strong, loyal and reliable supplier to many large Danish companies and public institutions.

  • Reach approximately 84% of the world's population
  • Intelligent routing (we find the best traffic route at the time of transmission)
  • 2-way SMS in large parts of the world
  • Get your own numbers via shortcodes
  • Easy switching from modem pools
  • Send via REST, HTTPS or email.

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Code snippet

					var gatewayId = YOUR_GATEWAY_ID; // Gateway ID to be obtained from CIM Mobility        
var apiKey = "myApiKey";  // API key to be obtained from CIM Mobility
// Create Push service   
var pushService = PushSms.Create(apiKey);  
// Create Reports service, passing the same API key  
var reportsService = ReportsSms.Create(apiKey);  
// Send message to one recipient  
    var smsBatch = new SmsBatch(body: "Test sms to one recipient", sendAtUtc: new DateTime(2021, 01, 20));  
    var batchId = await pushService.SendBatchAsync(gatewayId, "450000001", smsBatch);  
    // Cancel this batch we just sent  
    var totalCancelled = await pushService.CancelBatchAsync(gatewayId, batchId);  
    // Retrieve this batch  
    var results = await reportsService.GetBatchAsync(gatewayId, batchId);  

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What is a sms gateway?

Our SMS Gateway is super modern

An SMS gateway allows a computer to send and receive SMS messages to and from an SMS-enabled device over the mobile network (usually to a mobile phone). The SMS gateway then translates the sent message and allows it to be delivered over the mobile network to the recipient.

At one point, SMS gateways were physical pieces of hardware with SIM cards and built-in antennas. Each SMS gateway was individually connected to mobile phone networks to send text messages in much the same way as a normal mobile phone.

Modern SMS gateways usually send text messages to the cellular network via an SMPP interface provided by the network.

SMPP is a protocol for exchanging text messages between Short Message Service Centers (SMSCs) and/or external SMS devices (ESMs).

To create an SMS gateway at SMS2GO

Creating your own SMS gateway at SMS2GO is easy and painless.

We even offer a low-cost trial so you can see what including SMS messages in your communication toolbox will mean for you as a business or private individual.

All you have to do is contact us. Then we can have a brief talk about what exactly you and your company need. In this way, we will jointly find the best solution that creates the most value for you.

At SMS2GO, we work with both large companies and large public institutions that place great demands on sms communication to work smoothly.

This is your guarantee that SMS2GO will give you proven and well-worked solutions.

Send SMS from your computer

System-to-system communication

An SMS gateway is primarily used by companies that use SMS in their daily work, either for customer information, reminders or mobile marketing. SMS2Go gives you access to a wide range of features that can improve the workflows or marketing of your business.

You can use our gateway to send text messages from a PC. Choosing our SMS gateway solution from SMS2Go gives you access to a number of features for handling your company's SMS service or marketing. You can send text messages from PC either through our online interface or by using your own mail client. In addition, we also offer two-way communication through other services such as Facebook Messenger, Microsoft Teams and much more.

By implementing our API, you can create messages in your email client and have them delivered as text messages to your recipients. You can send TEXT messages from PC both to individual recipients and to a group via group SMS.


At SMS2GO we speak all languages .NET, JAVASCRIPT, C#, PHP and others.

12 good reasons

Advantages of an SMS gateway

This section follows 12 reasons why you should start using text messages for your business. Here we tell you how you can easily integrate this platform together with your other existing ones.

1. Immediate delivery

Text messages are delivered in a flash, and it's also effective – it only takes seconds to reach a large audience. This way of delivering quick and direct messages to the recipient is something that far surpasses other forms of marketing.

2. Immediate results

When you send out messages, you'll be able to see how many people have received, opened — and most importantly — responded to your messages.

In our system, it is also possible to see analyses of how SMS is performing in the marketing campaign.

3. Personal

TEXT messages are a very personal form of communication because they are sent directly to the individual recipient. It also means that people often react with a more personal immediacy. In addition, messages can also be automated to include the recipient's name.

Potential customers are far more likely to give you an email address than they are to give their mobile phone number, so of course, an email newsletter is a good addition to text messages, but it also shows how personal a phone number is for most people. Once you have a customer's phone number, it's likely that customers will be more responsive to your message because they've already "invited you in.""

4. Cost-effective

No other marketing methods produce such significant results, especially if compared to traditional marketing methods, such as television, radio or print media.

5. Simple and easy

Due to its simplicity and reach, SMS has become a globally adopted communication channel. Everyone knows how to open, read and send a message. In addition, the messages are short, concrete and go straight to the point thanks to the 160-character limit in a message.

6. Global marketing

TEXT messages are designed to reach anyone who has a mobile phone and mobile coverage. That means you can reach millions of people in an instant, anytime, anywhere.

It is estimated that there are up to 7 billion mobile phones in daily use today. SMS is one of the few technologies that works universally between all mobile operators in the world.

7. Direct delivery

SMS is among the most direct ways to communicate with clients, apart from meeting face-to-face or through phone calls. Physical meetings and phone calls can be time-consuming and expensive, so text messages are an obvious choice.

8. Accurate

Once you've segmented your audience, you can target groups of customers accurately with a variety of marketing messages. Understanding what works and what doesn't means you can improve your approach to maximize sales potential.

9. Effective

The ability to schedule text messages means you can save time planning your campaign. Different messages can be targeted at different groups of people, and it goes without saying that you don't have to write every single message.

This allows more time for other areas of the business or to respond to the leads or orders that the SMS campaign provides.

10. Tracking and analysis

Text messages can be easily tracked. Most mobile operators we work with offer delivery reports that can be a good source to handle how many messages have been delivered, so you can fully and accurately assess the success of your campaigns. This is useful information that you can subsequently use in your next campaign.

11. Reliable

Mobile phones do not usually have a spam box on their SMS inbox. SMS messages are generally safer than email, which can deliver all sorts of malicious attachments. In addition, the mobile network tries to deliver SMS messages over a period of 48 hours to take into account that phones may be switched off or without network coverage.

12. SMS vs e-mail

Text messages have a much higher "opening rate" than email. In addition, email risks spending time sending emails to customers who have added your email address to their spam filter. If your text messages are not delivered, you will be notified through our system.

Of course, emails also have their advantages and are still highly effective at communicating with customers and increasing opportunities. But SMS is actually faster and safer overall.