SMS2GO can be used to solve many different communication challenges in a company. Our years of experience in sending messages allow us to present you with a large catalogue of solutions.

The solutions SMS2GO can help you with range from operational messages to customer clubs.

Learn about the many solutions in SMS2GO below.

One program - many solutions

What customers use SMS2GO for

Over the years, our customers have used SMS2GO for a wide range of solutions.
Get inspired on how to use SMS2GO in your business!

Marketing tools

Easily use the built-in tools of SMS2GO for marketing. Build loyalty lists, send and receive messages with your customers!

With an SMS gateway, you get many opportunities to leverage TEXT messages to connect with customers, run campaigns, provide better customer service, and many other things.

You'll be in touch with your customers quickly, ensuring they get the latest news from your business efficiently.

Marketing tools

Operation & Service

Operation & Service

The use of SMS in operations and services is widespread among many of our customers.

It is used to send messages quickly and easily to a defined set of recipients.

In the context of IT operations in larger companies, SMS2GO is used to send 2 factor codes, codes for guest networks, alerts on updates, information on crashes, etc. Service notifications about high water level, early payment deadline on invoices and road repairs are just some of the solutions used in SMS2GO.

Customer service

SMS2GO is effective information for your customers. Right now and right in your pocket! 

TEXT messages are becoming an increasingly used form of communication between companies and their customers or employees. In the services sector, SMS reminders have become a natural way of reminding customers of agreements made (hairdressing times, medical consultation or other appointments) or for information about repairs carried out, packages for collection and the like.

Read more about the possibilities with an SMS gateway from SMS2GO:

Customer service

Internal communication

Internal communication

Your employees are always at the center, so give them the best opportunities to perform optimally!

SMS is becoming an increasingly used form of communication between companies and their employees.

Within companies, it is possible to create groups with different employee numbers, so for example only the IT department is alerted in case of an IT crash or only the sales department if the credit card systems are down.

In a logistics company, SMS can be used to communicate the location of individual trucks or shipments.

Public solutions

SMS2GO has been used for more than 15 years for communication in the public sector, both by municipalities, regions and the state.

Our broad experience means that we have a large catalogue of examples of what you can use SMS2GO for.

We work well with other public sector suppliers and integrate with many of the IT systems used.



Here are four good reasons to choose SMS2GO as your communication tool of choice!

Hosted in Denmark

The entire SMS2GO system and all data is hosted in Denmark in a highly certified data centre.

Operated and trusted since 2005

SMS2GO was developed in 2005 and has been in stable operation with many customers ever since.

Excellent support

High level support, where you always get through to a competent employee

GDPR secure code

Our entire setup and system is programmed with GDPR in mind. Hosted in Denmark